rise nation is the first true 30 minute
full body workout

Healthy Movement

Climbing utilizes the body’s primal upright biomechanics, promoting healthy spinal alignment, a balanced physique, and neuromuscular coordination.

Fitness & Cardio

Activates all the major muscle groups of the human body simultaneously, making our workout the most effective calorie burner on the market.

Time saving

The high-intensity nature of our workout means you only need 30 minutes, saving you time in your busy schedule..

Health & Accessibility

Climbing is zero-impact and
self-regulating, making our workout accessible to a more diverse


Jason Walsh FOUNDER

Los Angeles based personal and celebrity trainer Jason Walsh holds a B.A. in Exercise & Sport science with an emphasis in nutrition, physiology and kinesiology from University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. He also hold top-level certifications as a Certified Strenght and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) and as a Certified Personal Trainer (NSCA-CPT). Currently Jason trains clients out of his Rise Movement studio in West Hollywood, CA. He aims to cultivate an appreciation for being nutritionally sound and fit by making his clients stronger,healthier and instilling life-long habits, that keep them looking good and feeling their best.


Silvia Kramska CEO Rise Nation Australia

Meet Silvia Kramska, Managing Director of Rise Nation Australia. Silvia pursued a professional tennis career as a junior and is an experienced tennis coach, having worked for one of the largest and most prestigious tennis academies in Australia. Silvia has competed at a state, national and international level in body sculpting and is a qualified personal trainer and nutritionist. Silvia has utilised her experience in the health and fitness industry to develop and grow several successful businesses. She looks forward to meeting you at our first location in South Yarra and helping you through along your healthy lifestyle journey.

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