What should I bring to class?

Just bring a water bottle, closed toed athletic shoes and clothes you are ready to sweat in!

If I have never climbed before, can I take a Level 2?

We highly recommend taking our Level 1 as your first class in order to receive proper instruction of our movements, however, it is not necessary. Our class is self-regulating, so you can push yourself as hard or go as easy as you would like.

What should I expect for my first class?

You should expect it to be challenging, but don’t worry, everyone’s first class was. The VersaClimber is a new machine for most people, so there is about a 2 to 3 class acclimation period.  Don’t be surprised if your hands and feet feel a little uncomfortable for the first couple times; this will pass after second or third class.

I have a back and/or knee injury and cannot participate in impact inducing exercise. Can I still take a class?

Yes! Climbing is zero-impact and is utilized in many physical therapy regiments to rehabilitate injuries. Just be sure to consult your physician before climbing with us.